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Local Coupons

Rug Cleaning Coupon

If you have a coupon from a local Bellingham or Ferndale rug cleaner, we will honor that price.

All you have to do is send us a quick text asking us if we’ll meet the price written on the coupon and we’ll get right back to you.

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Types of Coupons

The types of coupons that work have the price written right on them.

Coupons that state 20% off or $30 off are not acceptable because our bottom-line pricing is usually lower already than they are.

Other Discounts

And remember, we offer two additional benefits:

1. Free Pick Up and Delivery
2. Each Additional Rug is 50% Off

Our Standard Rug Cleaning Prices

Our usual rate is:

  • $54 for One Rug
  • $81 for Two Rugs
  • $108 for Three Rugs

We have a three-rug limit per household.

What Types of Rugs Can We Accept?

We can only pick up rugs that are smaller than 6 feet wide. Or, in other words, when they are rolled up, they are 6 feet long or shorter.

And we can’t accept rare, vintage, badly worn or expensive items either.

Most folks have typical, decent rugs that just happen to be dirty. That’s what we specialize in.

We don’t handle real fancy, antique or high-ticket ones.

What To Do Next

Send us a short text with your phone – Click to Send a Text

– or –

Fill out our online form to arrange a pickup


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What About Drop Offs?

We can’t accept customer drop offs of rugs. We aren’t set up for that. And our insurance doesn’t allow for it either.

But, since pickup and delivery are free — why bother with it? We’ll come get it.

Most pick-ups are during weekday mornings. Weekend service is available if needed.

More Information

We have a page that further explains our local rug coupon policy.