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Pick Up Service

Rug Cleaning Pick Up Service

Bellingham Rug will pick up your dirty area rugs, clean them and return them to you in just a couple of days.

Pickup and delivery are free. It’s all done at one low price.

And it’s easy to schedule your service.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Areas

We go out to homeowners in the Bellingham, Ferndale and Birch Bay communities.

We’ll swing by your house (usually mid-morning), grab your rug (or rugs), and quickly be on our way.

The Cleaning Process

While certain fabrics and items call for a different approach, our usual process goes like this:

1. It’s dusted, brushed and vibrated to remove loose particles
2. If there are trouble spots, they may get pre-treated
3. It gets hand-washed
4. It goes through the first rinse
5. Then it gets rinsed again
6. The water gets extracted out
7. It gets dried (they are totally dry within 24 hours)
8. There is a final examination and vacuum
9. It’s ready to be brought back to its home

Our cleaning process takes out dust, soil, dirt, hair, crumbs, mud, sand, grass and almost anything else that happens to be in it.

They come back looking better and usually smelling better too.

Items We Accept For Cleaning

Look, we only charge $44 for a single rug.

Plus, we do all additional rugs for half-price.

So in order to charge such a low price, we have to specialize in the type of items we work on.

First, the item has to be six feet wide or less. We can’t do bigger ones.

It has to be a common working-class rug.

In other words, it should be either wool or a synthetic fabric (most area rugs in Whatcom County are one of these types).

Items We Can’t Accept

Since we only charge $44 to wash a rug, we aren’t able to accept every type of rug.

We can’t take items which are:

  • Over six feet wide
  • Made from exotic or unusual fabrics
  • Antique, one-of-a-kind or vintage
  • Fragile, dramatically worn or in need of repair
  • Real Persian, hand-knotted or simply really expensive

If you don’t know what you have, don’t worry about it.

As long as you didn’t pay a lot of money for it, or get it handed down from a fancy relative, most likely it is one of the typical synthetic, wool or other common types.

Give Us Your Tired, Your Soiled, Your Trampled-On Rugs Yearning to be Cleaned

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