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Carpet and Rug Cleaning Coupons

Do you live in Bellingham, Ferndale or Birch Bay?

Got a rug or carpet you want cleaned?

Don’t wanna pay full price?

We Accept All of the Local Cleaning Coupons

If you have a coupon in your hand from one of the other Bellingham rug or carpet cleaning companies, we will honor it.

As long as it lists a specific price, we will complete your job for that price. It could be from a print ad or even CraigsList.

A percentage-off coupon doesn’t usually work, though, because our listed price is most likely less than what our competitor is charging.

How to Claim Your Coupon Price

You can simply text us at 360-746-9920 and tell us about the printed coupon you have. Click to Send a Text

Ask us if we’ll match that price.

We’ll text right back with our answer. Simple.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Price

Our standard Oriental rug cleaning price is $44 for one, $66 for two or $88 for three.

There is a three-rug limit per household. Hope that’s okay.

Type of Oriental Rugs We Clean

We don’t clean every kind of rug.

First, it has to be six feet wide or less. We don’t do bigger ones.

Second, it should be a normal, regular item. It can’t be vintage, exotic, fragile, or really expensive.

We just do the regular, everyday kind of rugs that 99% of Whatcom County homeowners buy and have on their floors.

If you aren’t sure what your rug is, don’t worry about it.

Most likely, unless you had it handed down from a well-to-do relative, you’ll know if it is just a regular rug or something more valuable.

What To Do Now

So just text us at 360-746-9920 to tell us about your coupon – Click Here to Send a Text – or fill out the easy form below.

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