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Small Area Carpet Cleaning Near Ferndale WA



We are not open any longer.

We believe this will be a permanent decision.

We’re sorry that we are not able to help you out.


Need to clean some carpeting in a small room, hallway or stairs?

That’s just what we do.

We clean smaller areas only. And every job is done at a low price. Period.

No coupon needed either.

Our Difference

Most carpet cleaning services have a high minimum service charge. Not us.

It’s because we specialize in cleaning small residential rooms only.

We are small area carpet cleaners.

We don’t do big commercial jobs or whole house jobs.

We end up doing the little jobs in Ferndale and Birch Bay that the big Bellingham carpet cleaners don’t want to bother with.

And appointments are available any morning of the week – including weekends.

Would We Work Well for Your House?

Lots of homeowners have one area that gets dirtier than the rest of the house.

We can show up and clean that one small area.

Oftentimes, it’s a set of stairs or an entryway.

Other times it’s a walkway through the living room or the center of the family room.

Maybe you have one little room plus some stairs – that’s okay.

Or perhaps you have one small room plus an entry way or hallway – that’s okay too.

We work at homes in Ferndale and Birch Bay.

What We Can’t Do

Now look, if you have a huge basement family room or several rooms you want worked on – we probably can’t help you.

We don’t do those bigger jobs. Please don’t ask us to clean big areas for just $79.

We serve homeowners who just need to get one or two smaller areas cleaned up.

So if you have just a small area that needs some work in – that is exactly what we do.

How Do We Do It So Inexpensively?

We use a modern and professional portable cleaning system.

It’s a commercial-grade hot-water extraction cleaner system that is custom designed for smaller work areas. We roll it in and get to work.

We don’t use a truck-mounted cleaning system that needs a lot of set up time to get started.

We don’t move furniture. But we make sure small and light objects like lamps and coffee tables are out of the way.

Couches stay put too, unless there is a reason to clean behind them.

Why Use Us?

  • No up-sells. You know the price before we show up.
  • We come in, inspect the area and explain the process before we start.
  • We get right to work pretreating the work area.
  • No noisy truck running in your driveway the entire time.
  • No need to run hoses from a service truck through your open front door or an upstairs window.
  • We’re fast, but we’re careful too. We treat your home like our home.
  • Our products are safe for kids, pets and the environment.
  • We use a minimum-water and strong-extraction system. Your carpets will dry quick.

What Do Carpet Manufacturers Recommend?

Most carpet manufacturers advise homeowners to have their carpets regularly cleaned using hot water extraction machines.

That is exactly the process we use.

We accept credit cards, checks, cash or PayPal.

Sound good?

Look at your calendar and pick the best day for you.

Appointments are available any morning of the week. Start time is usually around 10:00.

We understand homeowners have jobs and stuff to do. We are happy to schedule cleaning appointments on Saturdays and Sundays too.

Why wait? It’s easy to get started.

Extraction Cleaning of Wall-to-Wall Carpeting