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About Bellingham Rug

NOTE: We have closed our doors to any new business.

We want to thank our past customers and others we have worked with.

Our previous About Us Page continues below:

We have been operating a small, family-run business in Ferndale since 2005.

Our process is pretty simple. We pick up your dirty area rug, clean it and bring it back.

Pickup and delivery is generally on a weekday morning. Saturday or Sunday pickup is often okay too.

We don’t charge for pickup or delivery.

Everything is included in the one price.

Pricing is simple – it’s a low price for the first one and just half-price for each additional one.

At this price, there is a limit of three rugs per household.

In order to do this process so inexpensively, we have some guidelines.

Here is What We Don’t Do:

  • No rugs over 6 feet wide. (When it is rolled up, it has to be under six feet.)
  • No delicate, frail or antique rugs.
  • No super-fancy or really expensive rugs.
  • No rug that is worth more than our delivery van.
  • We can’t move heavy furniture to get to your floor covering. It should be easy to get to.

We use generally accepted cleaning practices that put little stress and no unnecessary wear on your floor covering.

We do our best so each and every customer appreciates having a clean rug without spending too much money.

We have a blog about rug cleaning. We know it’s not too exciting.

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