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Oriental & Area Rug Cleaner Near Bellingham WA


We are not open any longer.

We are no longer taking orders or cleaning rugs.

We are closed.

We’re very sorry we are not able to help you out.

Our old home page continues below:

Why Choose Us?

  • Free Pickup.
  • Free Delivery.
  • All rugs (six feet wide and under) are at a low price.
  • Big discounts if you have two or more (1/2 off each additional one).

How We Charge Such a Low Price

  • We specialize.
  • We only do medium rugs – six feet wide and under when rolled up.
  • We don’t work on large ones.
  • We don’t do repairs or dyeing.
  • We also don’t do antique, rare, exotic or really expensive ones.
  • Our service area is just Bellingham, Fairhaven, Ferndale and Birch Bay – our pickup area doesn’t extend beyond that.

If you have a typical, not-expensive, not-exotic, regular-sized one that needs a good cleaning – we’re the best deal in Whatcom County.

What’s the Typical Process?

  • We brush, blow and agitate both sides to get all the sand, soil, hair or dander to fall out of it.
  • We examine the surface for removable stains and pre-treat them.
  • It will be hand-washed and then rinsed. No harsh chemicals.
  • The water is suctioned out and the item is either hung or put down flat to encourage fast drying.
  • Once dry, it will receive a final brushing and vacuuming.
  • Then we bring it back to you.
  • (Not all items are best treated by water immersion, so this process can vary.)

What You Should Know

Not all stains come out.

Sometimes fabrics get discolored while in the home. And washing doesn’t help much with fixing that.

Washing can’t fix every spot, fading from the sun, moth damage or wear and tear.

Your rug will come back clean and look better. And it will last longer too.

Let’s be realistic, it likely won’t look perfect like it did when you first bought it. We’re cleaners, we can’t change the laws of physics.

What About Repairs?

Sometimes rugs could use a little repair.

Unfortunately, we don’t do any repairs. No sewing, dyeing, binding or fringe replacement.

And remember, we don’t accept vintage, expensive or real Persian rugs.

Can They Be Cleaned at Home?

Area rugs often have lots of dust and dirt in them. It takes aggressive shaking or agitation to remove it all.

You don’t want all that action to take place inside your house.

Plus, the best way to clean them usually includes thoroughly rinsing them. You don’t do that in the home because the floors will get too wet.

How Long Does it Take?

From pickup to delivery, it takes a week at most. Three business days is typical.

Some of it depends on which times and days you are available to meet us at your Washington home.

We pick up and deliver in the morning. If that doesn’t work for you, weekend meetings are common too.

Do you live in Ferndale, Birch Bay or Bellingham?

Do you want a rug or two cleaned with no hassle?

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